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Annette (1959)  
Tall Paul 
My Heart Became of Age 
Don't Jump to Conclusions 
Lonely Guitar 
It Took Dreams 
Wild Willie 
Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy 
How Will I Know My Love 
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me 
Especally for You 
That Crazy Place From Outer Space 
Love Me Forever 
Annette Sings Anka (1960) 
Train Of Love                                      
I Love You 
Hey, Mama 
I Love You Baby 
Lonely Girl 
Like A Baby 
Talk to Me Baby 
Tell Me That You Love Me 
Waiting For You 
It's Really Love 
And So It's Goodbye 
Hawaiiannette (1960) 
Pineapple Princess 
Blue Hawaii 
Song of the Islands 
Now Is The Hour 
Date Night In Hawaii 
Blue Muu Muu 
Luau Cha Cha Cha 
My Little Grass Shack 
Holiday In Hawaii 
Aloha Oe 
Italiannette (1960) 
Please, Please, Signore 
Gotta Lotta Love 
Mia Cara, Mia Amore 
Lucky, Lucky 
Love Me Forever 
Dream Boy
O Dio Mio 
That's Amore
Where's The Spumoni 
Vieni Vieni 
There's No Tomorrow 
Dance Annette (1961)
Dance Annette 
Rock And Roll Waltz 
The Hokey Pokey 
The Glide 
The Hucklebuck 
Takes Two To Tango 
Como Esta Usted 
Ballin' The Jack 
I Could Have Danced All Night 
Annette - The Story of My Teens (1962)
Mouseketeer Closing Theme 
How Will I Know My Love 
Tall Paul 
Lonely Guitar 
First Name Initial 
O Dio Mio 
Pineapple Princess 
Tell Me Who's The Girl 
Mama Mama Rosa 
Amo Que Paso 
Strummin' Song 
I Can't Do The Sum 
Poor Someone 
Mister Piano Man 
The Truth About Youth 
Annette on Campus (1963) 
COLUMBIA - Roar Lion Roar 
PENNSYLVANIA - Fight on Pennsylvania 
Far Above Cayuga's Waters 
ARMY - On, Brave Old Army Team 
NAVY - Navy Blue and Gold 
YALE - Yale Boola 
The Wiffenpoof Song 
NOTRE DAME - The Victory March 
WISCONSIN - On Wisconsin
MICHIGAN - The Victors 
ILLINOIS - Hail to the Orange
MINNESOTA - Minnesota Rouser 
NORTHWESTERN - Go You Northwestern 
Halls of Ivy 
U.S.C - Fight On 
CALIFORNIA - Fight for California 
U.C.L.A - By the Old Pacific 
WASHINGTON - Bow Down to Washington 
STANFORD - Come Join the Band 
GEORGIA TECH - Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech 
ALABAMA - Yea Alabama 
WASHINGTON & LEE - Washington & Lee Swing 
Ora Lei 
TEXAS - The Eyes of Texas 
Annette's Beach Party (1963)
Beach Party                                          
Treat Him Nicely 
Don't Stop Now 
Promise Me Anything 
Secret Surfin' Spot 
Song Of The Islands 
California Sun 
The Battle Of San Onofre 
Swingin' And Surfin' 
Date Night In Hawaii 
Surfin' Luau 
Pineapple Princess 
Annette - Muscle Beach Party (1964) 
Muscle Beach Party                             
A Girl Needs A Boy 
Surfer's Holiday 
I Dream About Frankie 
Muscle Bustle 
Merlin Jones 
Custom City 
Draggin U.S.A 
Rebel Rider 
Shut Down Again 
Scrambled Egghead          
Annette - Bikini Beach (1964) 
Bikini Beach 
Because You're You 
Secret Wepon 
This Time It's Love 
How About That 
Happy Feeling 
The Clyde 
Let's Twist Again 
The Wah Watusi 
Blame It On The Bossa Nova 
The Jamaca Ska 
The Monkeys Uncle 
Annette's Pajama Party (1964)
Pajama Party 
There Has To Be A Reason 
Beach Ball 
It's That Kind Of Day 
Among The Young 
The Maid And The Martian 
Pajama Party (Instrumental) 
Stuffed Animal 
Among The Young 
Where Did I Go Wrong? (Dorothy Lamour) 
It's That Kind Of Day (Instrumental) 
Annette's Golden Surfin Hits (1965) 
Surfer Boy 
Ride The Wild Surf 
Surfer's Stomp (Instrumental)
Surfin' Safari 
No One Could Be Prouder 
Sidewalk Surfin' 
Surfin' U.S.A 
Balboa Blue (Instrumental) 
Surf City 
A Boy To Love 
Monkeys Uncle 
Something Borrowed, Something Blue (1964)
Music! Music! Music! 
All My Lovin' 
Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me 
How Will I Know My Love 
Mister Piano Man 
Something Borrowed, Something Blue 
Canzone D'Amore
Crystal Ball 
Blue On Blue 
The Old Piano Roll Blues 
Little Blue Ballroom 
The Annette Funicello Country Album (1984)
Sweet Sweet  Smile 
A Real Woman's Love 
Lucky Ol' Colorado 
The Promised Land 
It'll Be Me 
Orange Blossom Special 
Fires Of Love 
Paper Roses 
Ol' Good Times 
The Race Is On 
Before The Next Teardrop Falls 
In Between And Out Of Love 


 How Will I know My Love /
Don't Jump to Conclusions 
Crazy Place from Outer Space /
Gold Doubloons and Pieces of Eight (1958) 
Tall Paul /
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
Jo-Jo, the Dog Faced Boy /
Love Me Forever
Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy /
Lonely Guitar
Wild Willie/
Lonely Guitar
My Heart Became of Age /
Especally for You
First Name Initial /
My Heart Became of Age
O Dio Mio /
It Took Dreams
Train of Love /
Tell Me Who's the Girl
Pineapple Princess /
Luau Cha Cha Cha
Talk to Me Baby /
I Love You Baby
Dream Boy /
Please, Please Signore
Indian Giver /
Mama Rosa
The Parent Trap /
Let's Get Together
Hawaiian Love Talk /
Blue Muu Muu
Dreamin' About You /
Strummin' Song
Crazy Place from Outer Space /
Seven Moons (not by Annette)
The Truth About Youth /
I Can't Do the Sum
My Little Grass Shack /
Hukilau Song
He's My Ideal /
Mr. Piano Man
Bella Bella Florence /
Canzone D' Amore'
Teenage Wedding /
Walking and Talking
Treat Him Nicely /
Promise Me Anything
Merlin Jones / 
The Scrambled Egghead
Custom City /
Rebel Rider
Muscle Beach Party /
I Dream About Frankie
Bikini Beach Party /
The Clyde
The Wah Watusi /
The Clyde
Something Borrowed Something Blue / How Will I Know My Love
The Monkeys Uncle (with Beach Boys)/
How Will I Know My Love
Boy to Love /
No One Could Be Prouder
Baby Needs Me Now /
Moment of Silence
No Way to Go But Up /
Crystal Ball
What's A Girl to Do /
When You Get What You Want
Together We Can Make A Merry Christmas / The Night Before Christmas 
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